An Excellent Web Site Is a Website That Functions!

How can you understand if your web site is a good site, or what is a good site?

An excellent website is a website that works, if you have created your site to sell some items, you can say that your site is a great site if it does sell products.

* But are you offering as many products as a good site sells, or you are just selling a couple of products from time to time?
블로그 마케팅 * Are your sales pages good enouth to consider your website a good website?
구글 백링크 * Do you have enough visitors to your website to consider it a great website?
* Do you have adequate return traffic or all your visitors are very first time visitors?
* Do your visitors stay enough time to consider your website an excellent website?
* How can you understand for sure if your site is a good site?
* What sort of questions must you be making to yourself to understand if your webite is a great website


* Who cares?
* What are you looking for?
* What sort of visitors do you have?
* Which is your concern?
* How should you mesure your success?


If the website comes from a business, then the web pages put on ´ t come from a single person, there ´ s not only one person that can state if you have an excellent site, so you will need to round up the people that are extremely interested

You will find the techno-geeks, the sales people, the general public relations people, etc etc and everyone of them will have their own concept of what is an excellent site

As soon as again as the site belongs to ALL the company, the people on your business who care enough to judge the website, should be asked to sign up with the group and take some responsability about the style of the site


Every one of the people who cares about the site will have their own idea of what they want out of an excellent site. Many of them will simply be talking on behalf of their own departments, but you should force them to think on behalf of the business.

Every department can have their own objetives, goals and goals, each has his own idea about what is a great site, but they require to believe as a business, and the conclusion should satisfy most of them, and if you can, your should develop an excellent web page for all of them.


Every site has first time visitors, returning visitors, curious, buyers, people that showed up by error, people that spend a short time at the website, people that invest a long period of time at the website, and so on.

What kind of visitors do you want, the ones that show more often, the ones that check out the most pages, buys more things, buys more frequently or spend the most money?

Which are the most crucial visitors for your business, to think that you have a great website?

Once you get them you can be satisfied that your site is a good website.


Once you know what everyone wants, you will need to focus on everybody ´ s goals.

Will you go after increasing check outs, selling more items per see, supply more information about the business and it ´ s items, improving client satisfaction.

After a conversation that will depend on how many people is giving their own viewpoint about what cares most, you ´ ll end up with your own list of concerns, and the ones that will not be pleased with their request, at leas will understand why.


How can you make certain that the numbers that you are getting are telling you that your site is a good site, It depends …

* If your main concern is to get visitors, then and it ´ s ranking can help you on that, however you can also use some javacript and or cookies.
* If your main objective is income then the sales will have the leading voice.
If you are going after client complete satisfaction then you must agree with the other members of your business how will you collect satisfaction data and how will you weigh it, *.

All the info that you gather need to help you take business decisions. It ´ s not a matter of getting as much details as you can, since excessive information can be as bad as not enough information.

Make certain that you keep determining your success, make it part of a consistent improvement process, because the web changes month after month.

You ´ ll truly be able to inform if your site is an excellent website.

Composed by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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